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Jaan’s original music conveys a unique palette of emotional colors, full of caring, insight, compassion and truth.  “Most of my songs focus on the internal conflicts we face on the constant road to change,” he shares of his music.


Jaan released his debut solo album Tristero in 2012, a compilation of introspective acoustic songs, largely inspired by his work as a street outreach worker with homeless teens and adults as a street outreach worker. 

Regional music reviewers praised the album. “Sonically, Tristero plays out like an atmospheric folk-rock collection with a slight hip-hop leaning, calling to mind the ballads of Damien Rice, Dispatch, and at times, even a young Chris Martin," wrote Aly Comingore, arts writer for The Santa Barbara Independent. 

Jaan released a follow-up EP titled Change in April 2014. Largely influenced by '90s grunge and indie rock power trios, Jaan departed from his acoustic roots and honed a modern electric sound with a studio bassist and drummer.

Change resonated with fans and critics. “His clean, clear vocals against the strummed chords fill your ears with the compassion he obviously feels... Yep, it’s that kind of music. Simple, easy, touching, and filled with heart," wrote Lisa Webb, music reviewer for The Alternative Music Blog. 

In 2015 through early 2016, Jaan performed live in Southern California with his band Landheer & the Storm, a rock trio he founded in Santa Barbara, CA that blended his laid back vocals, hard-hitting grooves, and heartfelt lyrics. After playing various regional venues in Southern California, Landheer & the Storm released their debut EP Explorations in early 2016. 

Recently, Jaan has returned to performing solo as an acoustic singer-songwriter, continuing to share his personal insights from the heart. In 2017, Jaan released his first completely self-produced album Love, a raw and highly personal compilation of acoustic recordings that touch on the struggles of addiction (Closer), dealing with setbacks, Love, and learning to believe in oneself.


While living in Eugene, Oregon, Jaan released his EP entitled Human Being, a somber look at the challenges of living in a new environment, as well as the subtle beauty of moving on.


With the release of his full-length album, Magic, Jaan explores the outer world of living amongst the beauty of nature, contrasted by the challenges of being human and longing for a sense of belonging in this world. 

Since returning to his hometown of Santa Barbara, California, Jaan released two EPs in 2018.  The Miracle State is a compilation of previously released favorites.  West Coast Blues tells a story of heartbreak and new beginnings. 


In July of 2020, Jaan released his self-produced album "Degrees of Separation," providing a closer look at thought-provoking concepts during a historical changing tide of events. 


Jaan's most recent album, "Sound Waves and Heartbeats" (released in 2021) takes a self-reflective look into personal relationships, complete with setbacks and an optimistic outlook.

In 2022, Jaan released a new self-produced EP "Jaan & Jinx" with friend and longtime collaborator, Santa Barbara rapper Jon Jinx, a project ten years in the making.


Jaan is always striving to make new music that comes from the heart, in hopes that it might reach someone who needs to hear it most.


--Jaan Landheer is an independent artist residing in Santa Barbara, California. His music can be found on most online platforms.  Please visit the Contact section for booking inquiries.

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