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"Sound Waves & Heartbeats" out now!

Music available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, iHeart Radio, and more! 

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"Sound Waves & Heartbeats"

Release date: 8.24.2021

Writing from the heart has always been a critical aspect of Jaan’s songwriting.  This album is no different, as he continues to chronicle his life experiences the best way he knows how: through compelling lyrics.   “Times are tough, but this life is sweet,” sings Landheer in his title track, a message that carries throughout the album, which focuses on the internal world that surrounds personal relationships in a trying time, but not without glimpses of hope. “I’d make an escape, but talk is cheap, when words fall short of what you mean,” Jaan professes in his song “Out of Reach.”  If there’s one thing for sure, Jaan uses all his musical tools to paint a canvas of sound all his own, complete with self-recorded beats, bass, guitars, keys and vocals to evoke his theme of sound waves and heartbeats. 

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