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New single "In Between the Spaces" out now!

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New single: In Between the Spaces

Release date: June 30, 2019


Jaan Landheer’s latest single "In Between the Spaces" evokes a culmination of alternative, folk, indie, classical, pop, and hip hop influences, creating a vibrant sonic atmosphere that tells a story of resilience. 

     "I have so many talented friends, and I wanted to bring them together for this universal concept that we've all had our challenges, but continue to do what we love, opening new doors of discovery," shares Jaan.  "My hopes are that this song reaches people who have felt marginalized, but inspires them to keep sharing their gift, whatever that may be." 

     Contributing to the song are hip hop artist Sinuous, who co-produced the track and made the beat, and accomplished violin/viola player Ray Tischer, who brought an added texture to the song with his powerful string compositions.  Sinuous, who also specializes in CGI (computer generated imagery), shot and directed the upcoming music video for the song, expected this summer.

     Explaining the process, Jaan states,"This is the first time I've written a song with a visual representation in mind during the process.  It's really gratifying to see this come to life. This song means a lot to me, as I wrote it about a time when I was lost, literally walking freeways (hence the cover art by Bob Ott Design).  Bob was really able to capture this idea of looking for answers that weren't there.  I'm so grateful to have a community of people who support me in my struggles, and are there to celebrate my successes.  I wish that for everyone."